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Do you want to sell your property for Above Valuation than Market Price? Not sure how much your property is worthy?

Home valuations by Kumar Properties are estimates of the value of your property on the market. The service calculates your home’s current value based on real-time big data gathered from reliable private and public sources, comparative market analysis, and property indices. With a median error rate of 5%, home valuation delivers exact and localized indicative e-valuation results powered by machine learning technology.

It is important to note that Kumar Properties’ home valuation isn’t an official appraisal nor does it substitute for expert price advice from qualified valuers. The indicative value of your home can be calculated by using this service as a starting point.

Fill in your details below to find out its value. We’ll also provide recommendations on how to increase its appeal and value, as well as how to get the benefits of listing your property exclusively with us!

How We Calculate

Accurate Home Value estimations

By leveraging our smart algorithm, we can provide highly accurate home value estimations by factoring in the things like location, size, type and more.

According to reliable data

Your home value estimate is calculated by using transactional data from trusted private and public sources.

Trustworthy & up-to-date

It is our objective to constantly update our home valuation technology to make sure it reflects the most recent market price trends.


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