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What Happens When You

Engage Kumar Properties To Sell A Property?

We help you sell your properties, but in a simpler, more efficient manner. Drop in your details and let our team do the rest. While kumar properties aim to keep things affordable for sellers and buyers, we don’t skimp on the quality our team prides itself on. Our kumar properties team is focused on your sell property. Every home is taken and prepared for a sale, and as the seller, you will be notified every step of the way. We are experts for affordable property investment in Singapore, and we constantly aim to be the leading aficionados for using social media to your advantage.

Meet Up and Making Analysis

First, our team will meet up with the clients to understand their plans and stare their property. Explain them about the procedure of selling a property, sell HDB buy condo and current market like what kind of options available to purchase next singapore property. We will conduct detailed financial calculations, timeline breakdown, check valuation and market analysis for sell a property.

Once we’ve decided on the strategy, we draft a detailed action plan to make their unit attractive to buyers in the open market.

We will craft a marketing story and angle that highlights the top selling points about the unit.

Meet Up and Making Analysis

Home Tour Video & Photography

A picture paints a thousand words, so imagine the impressions we paint with our professional photography! Our deep understanding of sell house photography ensures only the best of your property is captured and displayed.

A home tour video will be created to showcase the interior features of the sell condo. This will not only highlight the impressive assets of the home but also surrounding location & amenities, transport, future developments, singapore property investment  potential. The best part of it all is that it highlights all positive aspects of the unit, so that prospective buyers will appreciate the merits of the unit even before they step into it.

Digital Advertising and Targeting

We broadcast the whole marketing package – home tour videos, photos, floor plans, and additional details about the flat. A crucial part of advertising is to position advertisements in such a way that it reaches the right audience. We does exactly this by targeting all our digital advertising onto the best platforms for you, such that your target market is met successfully.

Like most of the people, the video tour of your  sale of condo or sell property or sell HDB will be published in popular singapore property portals like PropertyGuru, 99.co, SRX. But we also spend money from our own pockets to run advertising campaigns on social media – where most enquiries come from. Social platforms like Facebook & Instagram are where most people spend their attention, so by capturing their interest, owners will get even more queries, and as a result, acquire more offers for the singapore property.

digital marketing
Result and Closing Deal

Many different buyers would have responded to requests to view the listed unit and Condo or HDB selling price, through all the media outreach. We’ll also provide them with further details of the flat being marketed.

During the sell house, we usually arrange multiple groups to come together on the same day, one after the other – to save time for owners and create competition and demand among the buyers. Then, we pitch the unit’s core marketing story and angle to the customers, show them the unit’s positive points and features, including its surrounding locality, transport & amenities.

Once buyers have expressed their interest, we will present the offers to our owners and help them negotiate. Once we have a buyer whose selling price & timeline matches the owner’s desired target, we will then collect the booking deposit from them and start sales paperwork.

For sellers who are purchasing their next unit after sell property, we will immediately filter suitable units available for them in the market and bring them to view multiple units until they find a unit they like. Then we negotiate prices, arrange a timeline, and handle the necessary paperwork so that our clients can have a smooth & seamless transition from their current unit to the next while having sufficient time to renovate their new flat before moving in.

Paperwork and Keys Handover 

Property admin procedures, rules & regulations can be quite confusing and complicated, right? Don’t worry!

Our experienced, efficient and dedicated team will settle all singapore property processing and administrative paperwork for you (Including intent to sell house or sell condo, intent to buy house in singapore, option to purchase, valuation, engaging legal service, resale submission, endorsement, grant & loan processing, contra facility, extension of stay, POA etc.). You won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll only have to wait for the completion appointment and collect your sales proceeds/keys to your new flat.


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