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Sell High & Buy High – Will This Still Make You A Profit?


Whenever a seller want to sell his property in an specific time, the seller would assume to sell for a high price, by feeling to do this so, they won’t be buying high price as well? Here property prices are increasing continuously, there is no such need. And many of them bought their properties at a relatively lower price, because they can’t find anything similar in that low price bracket in any given market, let alone this sizzling hot market.

Is there any possibility to make high Massive Profits, regardless  of whether you sell high followed by buy high. We all know that every investment involves some form of risk, so prudence has always been part of my own investment principle. At the end of the day we all need profit,  but we have give preference to our financial security than other factors.

Due to the lack of knowledge in property investment strategies many people are not yet decided state as their minds are extremely clouded by market noise, monetary concerns and misconceptions. I am sharing my insight for everyone to better understand the market and make there own decisions.


In reality, “the rich will get richer” because of the simple reason, they will continuously multiply their wealth by selling and buying properties, and particularly at the early stages of the property tenure. They will do it simply, because of the notion that generally a property’s price will hit its peak upon obtaining the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). Hence the investors need to utilise this ripen opportunity for earning maximum profit and to compound their property investment and grow their assets, this allows them to acquire personal wealth and their investment strategy.

The Average transaction price for The Centris from 2006 to 2013

Let’s take a look at the price chart for The Centris Condominium in the West. In this chart the property prices for this project have been increasing over time in an even way from the past the TOP stage. So do I sell or wait further at this point of time? Assuming that the early buyers of this development does not take any action and realise that they will get a massive profit of at least $500,000 (for a 1,066sqft unit) in 2012-2013 and waited till today. What would be like in the numbers today’s sizzling hot market?

 The average transaction price for The Centris (2006-2021)

You can see that the price momentum eventually loss its steam. The profit what we are earning now is same as the profit earned 8 to 10 years ago! They would probably console that the price is finally reaching to its past status.

What most people do not see this inflation in the past decade and those missed opportunities to multiply their realised $500,000 profit. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing when to enter and exit for those looking to increase their wealth.

Many people have to question themselves for not making a early decision to invest in the property. The charts show you that the prices keep on moving upwards despite of the cooling measures and crisis.

Many have a fear to whether to invest or not and failed to take an action when the market is slow, and believe that the uptrend will have a sharp reversal that will bring the property prices decrease. For those who are waiting the day did not come again. As the market prices gone up they feel that the opportunity has already slipped from there hands.

This seems to be a cyclic process of taking no actions and where the plenty of opportunities has gone wasted. It is mostly due to the lack of understanding in property investment and also the uncertainty of how to take the first step even. With an open mind always understand that the property investment strategies that will bring profit to you and your family. Stop believing that the property investment is only for the rich. Many fall into the trap of ‘Investment is not for me’, ‘I already know’ and end up. You can avoid these kind of mistakes!

Overall transactions (psf) of Non-landed residential (2000-2021)

Looking at transaction data below of leasehold 99-year Seaside Residences, units were transacted at an average of $1,573 psf in 2017 – which many would consider overpriced for a Leasehold 99-year property in that area during those times. In contrast, a freehold property(FH) in the area cost around $1,000 psf. It looks like a bad purchase, isn’t it?

The investment of Seaside Residences for many investors turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Few people in the market were confident that the market could have enjoyed a momentous increase where units are transacted in the region of $2,000psf – this is considered record-breaking for a 99-year LH development in D16. Selling would allow one to bring home a fantastic score of $600.

This is to show you that buying at increased price does not mean you will not make money, it is more important to get into the facts right. Speculation may put you at risk, clarity through proper guidance helps you making good judgements that go on to earn you good money.

Transactions records of Seaside Residences

An article to share with you below, the point that I have been driving this entire time – increasing your wealth through investing in stable assets. The interest rates of your savings account and rate of your income growth does not allow you the comfort of hedging against rising in the cost of living and inflation, none of these can beat the increase in property prices. What you need is systemic growth in terms of wealth gaining.

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