Who can buy HDB flat in Singapore?

Who can buy HDB flat in Singapore?

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Who can buy HDB flat in Singapore?

This question is one of the most frequently asked question by the people. Generally people have questions like who can buy HDB flat? Or Is PR eligible to buy HDB flat in Singapore?

There are multiple eligibility criteria to buy HDB flat

  1. First thing comes under consideration is Citizenship. Atleast 1 of the applicant of the HDB flat should be Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR).
  2. Next you should qualify for alteast one of the following schemes such as Public Scheme, Fiance / Financee Scheme, Orphans Scheme.

        i) Public Scheme: To qualify for this public scheme, any one of the following family nucleus should you need to form

  • If any Spouse and children 
  • If any parents and siblings
  • If widowed/ divorced, children under your legal custody, care and control

       ii) Fiance/Fiancee Scheme: If you want to qualify this scheme, you need to have nuclear family with your spouse-to-be and you should marry within three months of getting your HDB flat keys. To buy HDB flat will require a photocopy of marriage certificate.

If you have married before your marriage before collecting the keys, you need to submit the photocopy when you have visited HDB office to collect keys.

Else if you married after collecting keys, then you will need to submit your marriage certificate to your managing HDB branch. 

    iii) Orphans Scheme: For this type of scheme, If HDB buyers are orphans and single, cannot buy or rent flats separately. And you should have one of the deceased parents who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

  1. Age is the third thing should be considered, If you are widowed or orphaned you should be atleast 21 years and if you are unmarried or divorced you should be 35 years old.
  1. You should be within the incoming ceiling of the flat you want to purchase.
  2. Property ownership is the next step should be qualified. If you wanted to own HDB flat in Singapore  you should not bought HDB/DBSS flat or Executive condominium or received any CPF Housing Grants before.

These are things to be considered and you should be eligible to buy HDB flat in Singapore. To know more details about HDB or any property visit us.

If you want to buy HDB flat or you wanted to sell your HDB flat contact us, we will help you in any property investments.


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